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Last Updated on: 29th April 2022, 07:48 pm

SparkyLinux e17 1.0 fonts config
e17 fonts configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 gadgets
e17 gadgets configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 icons config
e17 icons configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 locales config
e17 locales configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 screen resolution
e17 screen resolution configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 settings main window
e17 settings main window
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 shelves config
e17 shelves configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 wallpapers config
e17 wallpapers configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 GNOME System Monitor
GNOME System Monitor
SparkyLinux 1.0 GParted
SparkyLinux 1.0 Gufw
SparkyLinux 1.0 Htop
SparkyLinux 1.0 Midnight Commander
Midnight Commander
SparkyLinux 1.0 NTFS config
NTFS config tool
SparkyLinux 1.0 PCManFM
SparkyLinux 1.0 Sun Java config
Sun Java configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 Synaptic
SparkyLinux 1.0 Top
SparkyLinux 1.0 UNetbootin
SparkyLinux 1.0 Update Manager
Update Manager

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