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Last Updated on: 20th September 2023, 01:53 pm


Sparky Advanced Installer (previously: Sparky Old Installer) is an additional installer which I still keep in the live system as a backup to the default Live Installer (forked from LMDE installer), and for some guys with very old machines.

The old installer is based on Yad (GUI mode) or Dialog (text mode) and is quite lightweight so can be used on old machines. Adding support of installation on machines with UEFI motherboards made it more flexible and can be used on new machines as well.

According to discussion started by The Black Pig on our forums about a Sparky minimal iso image, and a few emails asking me about other desktops, I started improving the old installer about month ago.

All the changes in the Advanced (old) Installer are done now, and the installer lets you install 17 desktops now, with minimal configuration and minimal set of applications too.

Comparing to the last week’s Sparky 4.3-dev2 iso images which feature a week older version of the Advanced Installer, the present one (v20160317) offers also:
1. Pantheon desktop (the elementary OS default desktop)
2. Window Maker window manager

3. A web browser installer (chooser)
It means, no web browser is installed as default now – I removed Iceweasel from ‘sparky-desktop-name’ meta packages dependencies. The installer lets you choose one of the web browsers during installation process:
– Chromium
– Dillo
– Epiphany
– Iceweasel
– Konqueror
– Midori
– QupZilla

And this is a full list of desktops available via the Advanced Installer:
– awesome
– Budgie
– Cinnamon
– Enlightenment
– Fluxbox
– GNOME Flashback
– GNOME Shell
– IceWM
– KDE Plasma 5
– LXQt
– Openbox
– Pantheon
– Window Maker
– Xfce

There is no new iso images now (maybe next week), simply use the latest one of Sparky 4.3-dev2:
and upgrade ‘sparky-backup-core’ package to the latest version, in the live session:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-backup-core

Test it, report any issue on our forums and leave your feedback, please.


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