Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 01:05 pm

There is a new application available for Sparkers/gamers: Lutris.

Lutris is an open gaming platform for Linux. It helps you install and manage your games in a unified interface.
Our goal is to support every game which runs on Linux, from native to Windows games (via Wine) to emulators and browser games. The desktop application and the website are libre software, your contributions are welcome!

– Manage your Linux games, Windows games, emulated console games and browser games
– Launch your Steam games
– Community-written installers to ease up your games’ installation
– More than 20 emulators installed automatically or in a single click, providing support for most gaming systems from the late 70’s to the present day
– Download and play libre and freeware games

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lutris

or via Sparky APTus Gamer.

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