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There is a new application available for Sparkers: Harmonoid

What is Harmonoid?

Plays & manages your music library. Looks beautiful & juicy. Playlists, visuals, synced lyrics, pitch shift, volume boost & more.

– Music library management based on metadata tags.
– Capable of indexing 30+ files/second & saves cache for future app start-ups.
– Very strictly follows Material Design guidelines for UI & animations.
– mpv based music playback for strong format support (on Linux & Windows) using dart:ffi.
– Taskbar & System Media Transport Controls for Windows.
– D-Bus MPRIS controls for Linux.
– Small installer (≈ 35 MB) & low RAM usage (≈ 150 MB).
– Time synced lyrics for all your music.
– Ability to create persistent or “Now playing” playlists.
– Context menu integrations & file associations (exclusive to setup version).
– Discord RPC integration with album art support & “Find”/”Listen” buttons.
– Portable (if you wish).
– Pitch shifting.
– Volume boost.
– Speed adjustment.
– Details editor.
– Cross-platform (currently aiming Windows, Linux & Android).
– Does not use electron.js.
– Music visuals.
– Metadata reader.
– Gapless playback.
– Multiple artist support.
– Online URLs player.
– .LRC file compatibility (mannual loading or automatic lookup in folder).
– Fallback cover support. e.g. cover.jpg, Folder.jpg etc.
– Built-in YouTube Music client.
– User specific libmpv flags & options.
– Window position & maximize state remembering.

Installation (Sparky 6 & 7 amd64):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install harmonoid

License: EULA FOR HARMONOID: github.com/harmonoid/harmonoid/blob/master/EULA.txt?raw=true
Web: github.com/harmonoid/harmonoid


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