Support June 2022

Dears Friends!

There are 10 days left to the end of the month and we have only 31% of donations so far ­čÖü

We are balancing on a very thin line of profitability of our services.
This means that without your help we may soon disappear from the web for good.

We are very happy when you are satisfied with our work, but we are sad when what we have is not enough to cover our bils and make running our projects and services.

Every year there are more and more of you. From time to time we have to change our VPN server to a bigger one.
Our stats show that of thousands of users who visit us, but only 1% of them reads and open ads – that’s way too few. And that means 99% of you are blocking or ignoring our ads, which translates into very little ad revenue for us.

Without monthly ad revenue and your support, we won’t be able to keep providing you with interesting and useful articles, applications, news or new releases of SparkyLinux.

Please consider supporting our work every month – without you we won’t be able to survive next months.

Aneta and Paweł

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