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Last Updated on: 19th September 2023, 10:30 pm


I haven’t asked you for help yet, but it’s time to do that now.

SparkyLinux is a non-profit project, it means we don’t earn, don’t get many for any pice of Sparky. And we don’t sale it at all.
SparkyLinux is and always will be free of charge.
But we pay bills for hosting server (vps), domain, the power (electricity), broadband (internet connection), etc. from our personal, home budget.
It’s the first side of the moon.

The second one is about our machines.
We have two laptops : 5 and 8 years old.
Both of theme are very hard used, they can’t work “normally” any more. They getting so hot that they turn off themselves.
A few people asked me via email is possible to make another iso image of Sparky “GameOver” 64 bit? I’d like to but I’ll tell you the true: NOT POSSIBLE with the machines we have.

So we need 1000 PLN (320 US Dollars about) until 15th of Nov 2013 to pay for our VPS.
We have paid other bills already.
We’d like to bay a new machine (desktop or laptop), but it does not need to be a brand new – it’s about 2000 PLN (640 USD).

The technical specifications of the computer (this is a minimum hardware requirements):
1. CPU min. 2.0 GHz 64 bit
2. RAM memory min. 2 GB
3. hard disk min. 250 GB

So if you can donate to keep Sparky alive, please do.
Otherwise, if you have a computer similar I request which you don’t need any more, you can send it out to me.
Any donation will be very helpful.

Aneta & Pawel


Donations until 31/Nov/2013:  111,03 USD


4 thoughts on “SparkyLinux needs your help”

  1. I also have made a small donation. I came across Sparky while looking for a small, fast, simple Debian-based distro to replace Puppy and run off a USB stick. I wanted something with the qualities of Puppy but with a conventional structure so I can easily back up to another USB stick (and understand what is happening!). So far I am delighted with Sparky. I run 3.1 with LXDE and find it an excellent compromise between small and fast and well presented. Thank you and well done. Please keep it going.

  2. I made a small donation, I hope people will be encouraged to help , worthwhile.
    Thanks for your work, especially with the E17 version, I’m really enjoying.


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