Sparky news 2020/01

Last Updated on: 31st January 2020, 03:40 pm

The 1st monthly report of 2020 of the Sparky project:

• added to repos: ElectronPlayer, Stremio
• added a new script to Sparky APTus Upgrade which lets you upgrade your OS in text mode via one command: sparky-upgrade
• added Sparky configuration of Draco desktop to Sparky APTus-> Desktop mode; thanks to lami07
• Linux kernel updated up to version 5.5.0
• new live/install media of Sparky 5.10 of the stable line released
• the old repo address: is no available any more; use instead
• Sparky Wiki has been moved to a subdomain:
• Nemomen translate Sparky Wiki pages to Hungarian, thanks a lot
• migration to a new vps is on the way, stay tuned.

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