Sparky needs your opinion

Last Updated on: 29th March 2022, 10:22 pm

As you know, Sparky is alive more than 3 years (in December 2015 will be 4 years) so I would like to ask all of you about your present experiences and needs around Sparky.

I prepared 3 quick polls, which let me know what do you like.

Question 1
Should Sparky be based on Debian stable, testing (present stage) or unstable “Sid”?

Sonda na stronę

Question 2
What is your favorite desktop environment/window manager you would like to see (or not) as a Sparky spin?

Question 3
What a “special edition” of Sparky you would like to see (including the existing ones)?

If your answer is “other”, specify it in the comment box, please.

All the answers can help improved/changed/etc. Sparky and make it more useful as you like.

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