Sparky 4.11

New live/install iso/img images of Sparky 4.11 are out.

Sparky 4.11 “Tyche” is the last release of the 4 line which moves the base system from Debian stable “Stretch” to Debian oldstable “Stretch”.

Make sure that Sparky 4 will be supported next 2 years about, so if you keep running your machine with Sparky 4, do regular system upgrade.

• all packages upgraded from Debian & Sparky ‘oldstable’ repos as of 2019/July/09
• fixed root password at armhf images (toor)
• added network-manager (nmtui) to armhf-cli image

No need to reinstall your existing Sparky 4 installation.

Make full system upgrade as follow:
Check is your system uses ‘stretch’ repos at the /etc/apt/sources.list , then:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky4-apt
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Sparky 4 iso/img images can be downloaded from the download/oldstable page.

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