Linux kernel 4.12.0


The first, stable version of Linux kernel of the 4.12.x line – 4.12.0 just landed in Sparky “unstable” repository.

The Sparky’s Linux kernel is available in Sparky “unstable” repository, so enabled it to upgrade (if you have older version already installed) or to make fresh installation:

Follow the Wiki page: to install the latest Sparky’s Linux kernel.

Then reboot your machine to take effects.

To quick remove older version of the Linux kernel, simply run APTus-> Remove-> Uninstall Old Kernel script.

The last kernel of the 4.10.x line – 4.10.17 has been removed from repos.
The latest kernel of the 4.11.x line – 4.11.8 is still available in Sparky repos.



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