24th Grand Finale of GOCC

24th Grand Finale of GOCC

Last Updated on: 28th April 2022, 07:35 pm


In January 10, 2016 is next, the 24th Grand Finale of GOCC!
Target: Buying medical equipment for pediatric wards and providing decent medical care for seniors.

From Wikipedia:

The Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC, Polish Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP) is one of the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organizations in Poland. The GOCC Foundation has American Heart Association Certification for providing courses in CPR and ECC, and use of high technology for medical lifesaving.

Read more:

We would like to support WOŚP this year as we could so we made the Special “WOŚP” SparkyLinux 4.2 KDE 64 bit DVD box edition.
The system is free of non-free packages and features the same set of applications as the regular KDE Edition.

Here is a direct link to the English page of our auction you can join, buy the Sparky DVD and support the GOCC:
All the money will go to GOCC.

Source of the “Serce_wosp.png” file: Wikipedia


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