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Last Updated on: 5th September 2021, 11:01 am

What is the minimum system requirements to run SparkyLinux?

SparkyLinux is designed for old and new machines as well (32 and 64 bit).

Minimum is:
– CPU i486 / amd64
– 256MB RAM – LXDE, e17, Openbox, GameOver
– 384MB RAM – MATE, Razor-Qt
– 128MB RAM – CLI Edition
– 512MB SWAP partition or bigger
– 5GB of hard drive or flash USB stick for installation – 10GB recommended
– 20GB of hard drive or flash USB stick for installation – 30GB recommended (GameOver)
– 2GB of hard drive or flash USB stick for installation (CLI edition)
– an optical drive or USB port

4 thoughts on “System requirements”

  1. Hi,i like sparky very much.Ihave tried distros like ubuntu and mint on my machines but they didnt run very well and were buggy.Sparky even comes with dropbox,thanks guys for a great distro thats fast.

  2. I also run sparky on old machine – benq r55, new proc to t7200, 2gb ram and it’s working great. Synaptics on every distro is working quite slow but is useful. No complaints at all.

  3. Hi
    Just recently I stripped Sparky gameover from all the games and other memory hungry software.
    I installed on a hp 6310 to a 4GB USB stick and copied the partition via gparted to a ancient panasonic toughbook with a 300Mhz Pentium II and a roaring 192 Mb Ram.
    Updating grub with a already installed Mint Fluxbox edition and it runs very well on that hardware.
    Perfomance is much better than outdated Ubuntu Hardy or Mint Fluxbox 9. The only distro who runs faster on that ancient hardware ( bought in 1999) is Vector Diet 7. But here I had problems with my similar ancient PCMCIA Card for Wifi.

    Configuration: Panasonic Toughbook CF27, Sparky LXDE desktop without conky, Opera as default browser and email programm. All games and office programms removed,

    Synaptic is still very slow but it displays accurate and is finishing tasks good.

    Thanks for the good work, even it is not intended for this type of ancient hardware Im glad to have a system who runs on it.
    best regards Joerg

    • Hi Joerg. I am glad you like SparkyLinux. If you work on old copmuter, just follow my rss. New iso for machines like yours is on the way…


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