Mercury & Thorium

There are new applications available for Sparkers: Mercury & Thorium

What is Thorium?

Chromium fork for linux named after radioactive element No. 90.

– Always built with the latest stable version of Chromium.
– Intended to behave like and have the featureset of Google Chrome, with differences/patches/enhancements listed below.
– Includes Widevine, All Codecs, Chrome Plugins, as well as thinLTO, CFlag, LDFlag, LLVM Loop, and PGO compiler optimizations. It is built with SSE4, AVX, and AES, so it won’t launch on CPU’s below 2nd gen Core or AMD FX, but benefits from Advanced Vector EXtensions. If your CPU lacks AVX, you can use builds from the Thorium SSE3 repo.

Installation (Sparky 7 & 8 amd64/arm64):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install thorium-browser

License: BSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License

mercury web browser
What is Mercury?

Firefox fork with compiler optimizations and patches from Librewolf, Waterfox, Ghostery, and BetterFox. It aims to be the Firefox equivalent of the project: Thorium (a Chromium fork).

Installation (Sparky 7 & 8 amd64):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install mercury-browser

License: MPL 2.0


4 thoughts on “Mercury & Thorium”

  1. Thorium is the fastest browser that I ever used.
    Thanks for add the program to Sparky repositories.

  2. HI. First: congrats for sparky. for the good work, for being there. Pavroo, you are the best. Thanks.
    I am a long time user or firefox, it´s my always return browser, have to use occasionally some chrome derivate, there are web sites that don´t understand firefox (public sites with dead brain coders). On windowz (Yes, do have to use it for certain stuff) its edge. I hate chrome. Palemoon my choice for old hardware
    Now just a question guys. WHY sould I try out Mercury & Thorium? Are they more stable, faster, safer? flexible?


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