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  2. Being frustrated with the very slow boot speed of Windows 10 and as the machine is not upgradeable to Windows 11 I tried using several Linux distros on my Toshiba L875D laptop. Apart from one other (Puppy) after a number of boots the keyboard function would no longer work. Tried help forum suggestions with no success. Installed Linux Sparky and it functioned immediately. and have been impressed with its fast boot speed and the general desktop layout. Also after having used it for several weeks there so far have been zero problems regarding keyboard function. Sparky runs comparatively like lightning with no crashes, and it is customisable. The only difficulty has been with a comparatively smaller library of application add-ons, but I was able to locate a download and self-install version of Hypnotix, the only other application which I wanted and that works perfectly. Congratulations and thanks to Pawel and team for producing Sparky.

  3. I really love SparkyLinux! I must have tried 40 different distributions, and now I am at home. There is an issue using my 3-4 year old Lenovo ideapad, though: in three straight installations, choosing to install the MATE version, the MATE Tweak tool and the common interface using Applications, Places and System will not display, and also some applications do not show in the menu. The workaround is to use the APTus tool, install absolutely everything you could possibly want, and then to load the Desktop selection feature and add in the Gnome desktop. Then, once that installation completes, log out and log back in and wow, the MATE menu is fixed and everything works great (although there is introduced a certain instability in the terminal, which I think might be fixed by installing, e.g., Geany editor. Paul (as John Gough)


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