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Minimum system requirements

SparkyLinux is designed for old and new machines (32 and 64 bit) and small single-board computers RaspberryPi.

Sparky supports and can be installed on 32 and 64 machines with BIOS or UEFI motherboard.

Sparky 3.x supports 64 bit machines with BIOS and UEFI, and started from version 4.x supports 32 bit machines with BIOS and UEFI as well.

The minimum requirements to install Sparky:

  • CPU i686 / amd64
  • RAM memory:
    • 256 MB – LXDE, LXQt, Openbox
    • 512 MB – MATE, Xfce
    • 1.0 GB - KDE
    • 128 MB – CLI Edition
  • 512 MB SWAP partition or bigger
  • Hard or USB drive:
    • 10 GB (“Home” editions)
    • 20 GB (GameOver/Multimedia)
    • 2 GB (CLI edition)
  • an optical drive (CD/DVD) or USB port

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