Sparky APTus AppCenter

aptus appcenter

There is a new application available for Sparkers: Sparky APTus AppCenter 20200725-beta1. What is APTus AppCenter? It is improved APTus, still Yad based, but with HTML technology, and still as small, fast and lightweight as possible. Don’t expect it can be comparable to other existing AppCenters, it is not. It is still set of bash … Read moreSparky APTus AppCenter

APTus 0.3.14

aptus 0.3.14

There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.3.14 available in our repository. Changelog: 1. removed “–yes” option of the apt command from installation of Debian, Liquorix amd Sparky kernels: – it displays amount of all packages to be downloaded and needs your confirmation now 2. re-written ‘old-kernel-remover’ script (honestly written a brand new): – uses … Read moreAPTus 0.3.14