Plasma video wallpaper

There is a new, small tool available for KDE & Sparky users: Plasma video wallpaper module.

The module lets you use a video file as an animated wallpaper or lock screen.

It can be installed from Sparky repository via Synaptic or apt commands:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install qml-module-org-kde-video-wallpaper

Then go to your desktop settings and change Image option to Video, then pick a video file.
It needs to log out and log in back.
Tested on Debian testing “Buster” / Sparky 5.

Plasma video wallpaper


Extra 0.0.1

There is a new, small application available in Sparky repos, for Enlightenment lovers: Extra 0.0.1.

Extra is a app which allows you to install elementary themes on your computer.
The app is based on elementary and uses efl libraries to download the theme.
It does so by fetching themes from

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install extra


There is also a short entry about Extra in Sparky Wiki: