Sparky Backup Sys 20180607

Sparky Backup System has been updated up to version 2080607 and has gotten a few changes such as:
• skel option has been separated off the dist (former: ISO) option; so have to run the option first, before ‘dist’ if you would like to make your present desktop settings as default of the new live user
• option ‘clean’ pernamently removes a working dir now, instead of its content
• all options have the same names of gui and cli modes now; all of them are available in both modes now

CLI mode works with the command: sparkybackup OPTION or shorter: spb OPTION; available options are:
• info – displays informations about Sparky Backup System
• efi – displays informations about adding support for UEFI machines
• skel – copies your desktop basic settings to make default in the live system
• dist – makes a distributable hybrid livecd/dvd of your system
• edit – edits the tool configuration file
• installer – edits the sparky advanced installer configuration file
• clean – cleans up files of sparkybackup working directory
• cache – cleans up apt cache (via apt and aptitude if installed)
• log – displays log file of the last ISO building

A question of sync of all the options between GUI and CLI tools has been suggested by our community member armakolas.


CLI tool only:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-backup-core

GUI tool:
sudo apt install sparky-backup-sys

Sparky Backup Core


Translating status


This is last week before new iso images of Sparky 4.2 will be generated, so I debianized all the sparky tools which have other then English and Polish localization files done.
All the debs have been uploaded to the repository now, so you will get them as a regular update.

The present status of translation can be followed at the Wiki page: wiki/doku.php/locales

Many thanks go to, for the translations:
– AKAS (Arabic)
– Pete B. (German)
– Carlo Troiani (Italian)
– Claudio Cesar de Sá (Brazilian Portuguese)
– Johnny Rosenberg (Swedish)

and to John Wilkins who checks and fixes my pure English.

Don’t stop translating guys and make more, please.
We also need other translations so if you’d like to help us, visit the Wiki page.


Translators needed


I have started translating Sparky tools so it can be available in your native language if you would like to help with translating.

If you would like to help us translating Sparky tools, do:
– Download (Save as…) the en file of a selected Sparky tool.
– Open it with a text editor an save with a new name, depends on the new language (for example: German translating – the file name will be de)
– Translate all the text to your language, including the .desktop file’s name and comment; add you name/nick-name to the file header; change English localization to yours in the file header. Preferred license is GPL.
– Send me the new file via e-mail to: pavroo(at)onet(dot)eu

There are 3 apps translated to Polish already and The English files are ready to translating now:
– Sparky APTus Extra
– Sparky Live USB Creator
– Sparky USB Disk Formatter

The status of the job and files to be downloaded are ready at the Wiki page:


System tools and apps screenshots

SparkyLinux e17 1.0 fonts config
e17 fonts configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 gadgets
e17 gadgets configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 icons config
e17 icons configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 locales config
e17 locales configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 screen resolution
e17 screen resolution configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 settings main window
e17 settings main window
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 shelves config
e17 shelves configuration
SparkyLinux e17 1.0 wallpapers config
e17 wallpapers configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 GNOME System Monitor
GNOME System Monitor
SparkyLinux 1.0 GParted
SparkyLinux 1.0 Gufw
SparkyLinux 1.0 Htop
SparkyLinux 1.0 Midnight Commander
Midnight Commander
SparkyLinux 1.0 NTFS config
NTFS config tool
SparkyLinux 1.0 PCManFM
SparkyLinux 1.0 Sun Java config
Sun Java configuration
SparkyLinux 1.0 Synaptic
SparkyLinux 1.0 Top
SparkyLinux 1.0 UNetbootin
SparkyLinux 1.0 Update Manager
Update Manager

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