Sparky Backup Sys 20180607

sparky backup core

Sparky Backup System has been updated up to version 2080607 and has gotten a few changes such as: • skel option has been separated off the dist (former: ISO) option; so have to run the option first, before ‘dist’ if you would like to make your present desktop settings as default of the new live … Read moreSparky Backup Sys 20180607

System tools and apps screenshots

e17 fonts configuration e17 gadgets configuration e17 icons configuration e17 locales configuration e17 screen resolution configuration e17 settings main window e17 shelves configuration e17 wallpapers configuration GNOME System Monitor GParted Gufw Htop Midnight Commander NTFS config tool PCManFM Sun Java configuration Synaptic Top UNetbootin Update Manager   Back to -> Screenshots main page