There is a new application available for Sparkers: eDEX-UI What is eDEX-UI? eDEX-UI is a fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator and system monitor that looks and feels like a sci-fi computer interface. Heavily inspired from the TRON Legacy movie effects (especially the Board Room sequence), the eDEX-UI project was originally meant to be “DEX-UI with less … Read moreeDEX-UI

Sparky XTerm 0.2.0

There is an update of Sparky XTerm 0.2.0 available in our repository. Sparky XTerm is a tool which choose a x-terminal-emulator for sparky tools. It was choosing a desktop related emulator before, but due to some problems I changed to xterm only, which works fine but… need something much spicy. I reconfigured sparky-xterm to use … Read moreSparky XTerm 0.2.0