Sparky 5.8 RC2 ARMHF

New images of Sparky 5.8 RC2 for RaspberryPi are ready to go. Sparky 5.8 RC is a release candidate and is based on upcoming Debian stable Buster.

The ARMHF images are available in two flavours:
• CLI – a text based OS only, so you can configure the system in your way
• Openbox – graphical version with the Openbox window manager and a few pre-installed applications

Known issues:
– Openbox edition: the Openbox starts, but other tools (panel, wallpaper, network manager, audio applet, etc.) could not start at first time; if so, wait 2 minutes about to let one of my scripts works and simply reboot (an active network connection required!)

Please test the new images and report whatever you find.
The 5.8 release candidate iso/img images can be downloaded from the download/development page.

Edit 2019/07/01:
Image 5.8 RC3 fixed the above problem, but the first Openbox loading can be a little longer than normal.

Sparky 5.8 RC

New live/install iso images of Sparky 5.8 RC are out. Sparky 5.8 RC is a release candidate of the next stable line and is based on upcoming Debian stable Buster.

Changes between Sparky 5.7.x and 5.8 RC:
• Debian repo set to buster now, not to testing
• Sparky repo still points to testing, and will be updated automatically soon
• usrmerge set dirs symlinks (can be removed after)
• added inxi tool to all iso images
• all packages updated from Debian Buster repos as of July 3, 2019
• due to a few feedbacks I got, some of you are not happy with switching from LXDE to LXQt edition, so there is the Xfce edition re-built and ready to use
• due to problem with sparky5 theme in the Xfce edition, a new sparky6 theme is set as default (Xfce only)
• many Sparky apps have gotten Russian translations, thank’s to ChourS
• Calamares updated up to 3.2.9
• Firefox replaced by Firefox ESR

Please test the new iso images and report whatever you find.
The 5.8 release candidate iso images can be downloaded from the download/development page.

Sparky 4.9 RC

Sparky 4.9 RC is out and ready for testing.

The time for next stable point release is coming, which is released 2 times per year, so a release candidate has to be published to make sure all the new features work fine.

– all packages updated from Debian stable Stretch repository as of October 26, 2018
– many small changes and improvements; many of them have been done as a result of cooperation with lami07; thank’s a lot Szymon and… keep it doing!

Please test it and report whatever you find.

The stable 4.9 point release should be out on November 11.

The new iso images can be downloaded from the download/development page.


Sparky 5.5 RC

There are new iso images of SparkyLinux 5.5 Release Candidate available to download.
Sparky 5 follows rolling release model and is based on Debian testing “Buster”.

ISO images of Sparky 5.5 RC provides bug fixing found in the 5.5 dev20180725 release.

– system update from Debian testing repos as of August 10, 2018
– Linux kernel 4.17.8 (Sparky’s kernel 4.17.14 and 4.18-rc8 is available in Sparky “unstable” repos)
– on older Linux kernel 4.16.12 is still available from live menu, which can be used in a case of any problem with the newest one
– a couple of fixes around the btrfs setting in the Advanced Installer
– fixed mount option for Calamares and Advanced installer which lets you install Sparky on UEFI machines (offline grub-efi debs installation)
– removed the Advanced Installer icon from the live desktop – it is still available from system’s menu
– due to changes in Debian, the su used before for some task, such us using apt and dpkg, is not supported and sudo command has to be used instead now
– all missing Indonesian, Brazilian and Russian locales of Sparky tools have been added to
– many small fixes

The live system uses Linux kernel 4.17.x as default.
If you would like to boot the live system using an older kernel of the 4.16.x line, edit the live boot list and change:
'vmlinuz' to 'vmlinuz416'
'initrd.img' to 'initrd416.img'

The final version of Sparky 5.5 of the rolling line should be out in the middle of September.

New 5.5 RC iso images can be downloaded from download/devlopment page.
Really big thank for help of testing goes to Szymon “lami07” and Daniel “Capitan_Jack” !
Please test it and report whatever you find.

Known issues:
– installing Sparky 5.5 RC i686 via the Advanced Installer on UEFI machines can fail (tested on VirtualBox only)
– running Sparky via 4.17.x kernel, desktops can be loaded very slowly; use pre-installed kernel 4.16.x or install the latest Sparky kernel instead.

Linux kernel RC


Due to a few requests of adding the latest RC Linux kernel to the repos, I decided to do so.

The first version of Linux kernel of the RC line – 4.18-rc1 just landed in Sparky “unstable” repository. It is available for amd64 CPUs only.


1. The Sparky’s Linux kernel RC is available in Sparky “unstable” repository, so enable it:

2. There is not a sparky’s kernel meta package so install the right package:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install linux-image-VERSION-sparky-amd64

Headers are there, if you’d like too:
sudo apt install linux-headers-VERSION-sparky-amd64
where the “VERSION” is (depends of the kernel version) now:
Then reboot your machine to take effects.

Make sure it is NOT stable version.
Install it if you would like to test the latest build, or your machine needs the latest drivers, or you like walking on the edge 🙂

To quick remove older version of the Linux kernel, simply run APTus-> Remove-> Uninstall Old Kernel tool.


SparkyLinux 4.2 RC LXQt & KDE


There are new SparkyLinux 4.2 RC KDE & LXQt iso images ready for testing.

Due to changes in KDE, I have rebuilt the KDE and LXQt Sparky Editions.

– Removed all Plasma and KWin packages from LXQt edition. It uses Openbox window manager only and Qt/GTK based packages only.
– Removed as many as possible KDE4 packages from KDE Edition. It uses packages compatible with Plasma 5, but there are still a few applications based on KDE4 libs (akregator, knotes, kopete). Removed Konqueror and KMail replaced by Iceweasel and Icedove.
– The live installer supports autologin check box in KDE Edition with SDDM now.
– Global cleaning and some additional minor improvments and fixing.
– Added Sparky USB Formatter tool, which together with Sparky Live USB Creator replacing MintStick.
– Synchronized with Debian testing repos as of 2015/11/06

Hope everything works fine, but test it and report whatever abnormal, please.
The RC iso images can be downloaded from download/development/ page.

The Plasma 5 wallpaper is still loaded as default in KDE 64 bit edition, instead of Sparky’s wallpaper.