Sparky-Polkit 0.2.x

There is a new version of ‘sparky-polkit’ 0.2.x availabe in Sparky repos. What is Sparky-Polkit? The ‘sparky-polkit’ tool chooses a PolicyKit authentication agent (lxpolkit or gnome policykit), and is targeted to all window managers supported by Sparky. As desktop environments use their own polkits; window managers don’t have and don’t use any as default. How … Read moreSparky-Polkit 0.2.x

Sparky-remsu 0.2.0 beta1

aptus remsu

Call for testing: a new, testing version of sparky-remsu 0.2.0-beta1 package. The ‘sparky-remsu’ tool provides a centralizied mechanism which gives root/sudo privileges to all Sparky tools which need it. The tool was using before: gksu, lxqt-sudo; and before, before: gksudo and kdesudo. To make it more flexible, depends of many different desktops and its own … Read moreSparky-remsu 0.2.0 beta1

Authentication agent issue

  Du to issue with ‘policykit-1-gnome’ authentication agent I moved a newer version of the package from Sid to Sparky repos. Desktop environments which use the agent need to upgrade the package to the newest version and reboot to take effects. Window managers/Desktop environments available and pre-configured for Sparkers via APTus and MinimalGUI/CLI iso images … Read moreAuthentication agent issue