Live system missing permission


Copping iso image onto USB Pen/Flash Drive, it seems that the file can’t be coppied correctly.

I’ve been used UNetbootin, SparkyLinux USB Creator/Remastersys USB Tool many times and not every time the system has been booted well.

1. The network-manager applet does not let to manage wireless networks.


Wireled networks start working automatically.

2. Mounting other disk partitions can’t be done.


3. Can’t shut the Live system down – only Log out option.
To perform closing down the Live system run in terminal:
sudo halt


I have not found a solution for that yet.
To avoid the problems I suggest to run SparkyLinux from DVD drive – it works very well.


Updating 22/02/2013
This bug has been fixed.
From SparkyLinux 2.1 Ultra and 2.1 rc MATE the system is free of the problem now.

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