Openbox Menu Generator


I’ve been playing with the obmenu-generator for a while to have a look into that.

The menu looks and works great, so I decided to move it to Sparky’s Openbox Editon instead of the standard Debian menu.
It gives options to build a static or dynamical menu, with or without icons.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install obmenu-generator

It needs ‘sparky-editor’ package, version => 0.1.7.

Installation of the ‘obmenu-generator’ package will install all needed dependencies, and will set the new menu automatically. The older menu will be moved from the file:
to the backup file:
if you’d like to restore the older menu back.

It also set the static menu with icons as default.
It can be changed via the pipe menu after installation as you wish.


How to change weather location – Ultra Edition


SparkyLinux Ultra Edition has preconfigured weather location in its menu for Warsaw, Poland.

If you’d like to change it for your place do:

1. Find your location at

2. Copy the code from the link ( for example for London, United Kingdom is UKXX0085 ).

3. Open menu Config-> ObMenu-> Weather and change PLXX0028 for your code.

4. Restart Openbox.
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