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March 2019 donation report

Many thanks to all of you for supporting our open-source projects! Your donations help keeping them alive. Don’t forget to send a small tip in the April too, please 🙂   Country Supporter Amount...


Sparky news 2019/03

The 3rd monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project: • Sparky Tube received a few improvements • Advanced Installed has a new option which lets you choose autologin without password (suggested by Elton)...


March 2018 donation report

Dear friends! Thank you very much for your support. However, we kindly have a question to all of you. Do not donate less than $ 1 via PayPal, because almost everything PayPal gets and...


Sparky news 2018/03

The 3rd monthly report of 2018: – added new packages to repos: bleachbit, notepadqq, webmin, falkon – sparky 5.3 & 5.3 Special Editions been released – added German locales to 8 sparky tools, thank’s...


Sparky news 2017/03/29

  The time goes fast and the next month almost gone… So, what changed? – the latest development iso image 4.6-dev20170307 was shipped with Calamares 3.1, with support of installation on 32 and 64...