Migration to a new VPS

Migration to a new, bigger server is almost done, all the services work from the new one already. Important! A new Sparky repository public key has been generated so manually intervention is required! Users of all Sparky versions/editions have to install the new public key as follows: wget -O – | sudo apt-key add … Read moreMigration to a new VPS

Sparky USB Formatter

usb formatter

Due to changes in Debian testing repositories, package ‘udisks’ in not longer available, which is a dependency of ‘mintstick’. There is no reason to fight with that, I just made something different, instead of the MintStick. 1. Sparky Live USB Creator, which is a GUI front-end of the ‘dd’ command, and is available in our … Read moreSparky USB Formatter

Sparky repository

The configuration is deprecated, go to Sparky Wiki pages. Log in to root account, then: 1. Create a new file: nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sparky.list 2. Copy and past Sparky repo to the file. ## sparky deb testing main 3. Refresh packages list: apt-get update 4. Install the Sparky public key: apt-get install sparky-keyring or wget -O … Read moreSparky repository

How to make SparkyLinux bootable USB key or any Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows host?

To do that you can use multiplatforms application UNetbootin. It’s available for most Linux distributions, Mac OSX and MS Windows as well. SparkyLinux Full-DVD has UNetbootin pre-installed inside the system. It can be used if you run SparkyLinux from hard drive or as a live system from CD/DVD disk too. Putting SparkyLinux iso image to … Read moreHow to make SparkyLinux bootable USB key or any Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows host?