Sparky Backup Sys 20180327

sparky backup core

Call for translating & testing: Sparky Backup Sys 20180327. Sparky Backup Sys is a Yad based GUI to Sparky Backup Core tool. The Sparky Backup Core provides scripts to make a bootable iso image of your Sparky installation and the Advanced Installer as well. All Sparky Backup related tools have been localized (English and Polish … Read moreSparky Backup Sys 20180327

Language packages installer

language installer

The Sparky APTus features a tool which installs missing language packages. It can be used any time you’d like and is offered at the first system’s startup via Sparky First Run app as well. Changes at the language script: – added myspell and aspell dictionaries to be installed as default – added KDE and GNOME … Read moreLanguage packages installer

Debian kernel installer

aptus 0.32.1

There is new, small tool available for Sparkers: Debian’s Linux kernel installer. A few guys of our community members asked about that, so couldn’t not adding that. What for? As Sparky is shipped with Debian kernel as default, I couldn’t find a reason to do that, but… Someones of you install and test other kernels, … Read moreDebian kernel installer