ProtonMail Bridge

There is a new tool available for Sparkers: ProtonMail Bridge

What is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted email service with millions of users. ProtonMail offers encrypted email, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read it except the sender and the recipient.

What is ProtonMail Bridge?

ProtonMail Bridge is an application available to all paid users that enables the integration of your ProtonMail account with popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. Bridge runs in the background by seamlessly encrypting and decrypting messages as they enter and leave your computer. The app is compatible with most email clients supporting IMAP and SMTP protocols.

Installation (Sparky 5 & 6 amd64):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install protonmail-bridge

License: GNU GPLv3


Tutanota Desktop

There is a new application available for Sparkers: Tutanota Desktop

What is Tutanota?

Tutanota is the secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption that enables you to communicate securely with anyone on all your devices.

What is Tutanota Desktop?
The secure desktop clients with built-in encryption is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS (mobile versions for Android and iOS are also available, as well as a web client). The Tutanota secure email service with automatic encryption has been published in March 2014. The Tutanota desktop clients enable you to use Tutanota directly from your computer without the need of a browser.

Installation (Sparky 5 & 6 amd64):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install tutanota-desktop

or via APTus-> Email tab-> Tutanota Desktop icon.

The first run asks about the app integration with the desktop – you do not need to do that, it is already integrated at the deb package.

Tutanota Desktop

Author: Tutao GmbH
License: GNU General Public License v3.0




Thunderbird – the email client is available for sparkers now.

Sparky is shipped with the Icedove email client as default – Debian’s rebranded Thunderbird.

If you do not like/want/etc. Icedove – the Thunderbird can be installed from our repository.

Check do you have installed ‘hunspell-en-us’ package, before installing Thunderbird:
sudo apt-get update
apt-cache policy hunspell-en-us
Installed: 20070829-6
Candidate: 20070829-6-sparky

If yes, upgrade it to the Sparky’s version:
sudo apt-get install hunspell-en-us
Than install Thunderbird:
sudo apt-get install thunderbird

If you were using the Icedove client before, and would like to migrate to Thunderbird, do:

Make backup of your Icedove settings, just in case – in your home directory:
tar czf icedove.tar.gz .icedove

1. Shared option: it lets you share your Icedove settings, mails and passwords with Thunderbird – run the command in your home directory:
ln -s .icedove .thunderbird

2. Permanent movement: if you’d like to switch to Thunderbird and remove Icedove after – run it in your home dir:
mv .icedove .thunderbird