Sparky 2020.04~dev0

Call for testers!

It is a development release of Sparky which is based on Debian testing “Bullseye”.

• added support of installation Sparky on UEFI machines with Secure Boot; the live system should be booted with Secure Boot off; after installation the Secure Boot can be turned on
• both installers: Calamares and Sparky’s Advanced provides support of such installation
• Calamares updated up to version 3.2.22
• disabled updating package list by Calamares; if you install Sparky with active Internet connection, Debian or Sparky server can be temporary off or they are not reachable, it breaks/stops the installation, but not any more now

I do not have a machine with UEFI motherboard and Secure Boot. All tests I performed on a virtual machine using QEMU/KVM so please test it and report whatever you get.

The development iso images of Sparky MinimalGUI & MinimalCLI x86_64 can be downloaded from download/development page


How to make SparkyLinux bootable USB key or any Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows host?

To do that you can use multiplatforms application UNetbootin.
It’s available for most Linux distributions, Mac OSX and MS Windows as well.
SparkyLinux Full-DVD has UNetbootin pre-installed inside the system.
It can be used if you run SparkyLinux from hard drive or as a live system from CD/DVD disk too.

Putting SparkyLinux iso image to USB key is easy as 1-2-3:

1. Run UNetbootin, mark “Diskimage” and load “sparkylinux.iso” image, then click “OK”.


2. Wait until the iso image coping will be finished.


3. After that reboot your machine.


Have a nice fun with SparkyLinux !

How to make SparkyLinux bootable USB key on SparkyLinux host?

If you run SparkyLinux from hard or CD/DVD drive you can make bootable SparkyLinux USB key with Remastersys USB Sturtup Disk Tool.You find it going to Menu-> Applications-> Administration.

This operation will delete all data from your USB key.

USB key 1

1. Select allready connected USB key.

USB key 2
USB key 3
USB key 4


2. Select the source to be copied from (sparkylinux.iso image).

USB key 5
USB key 6


3. Then start coping files.

USB key 7
USB key 8
USB key 9


4. When it finished just quit the application and reboot your machine.

USB key 10

Have a nice fun with SparkyLinux !