Sparky news 2017/06/29


An another month almost gone, even haven’t seen when…

So what changed?
– Lumina Desktop updated up to version 1.3.0; with new ‘lumina-mediaplayer’ tool; fixed reboot and poweroff menu options (during compilation process detected as Linux not Debian, with wrong the 2 commands before)
– added new packages to the repos: Opera web browser, Tomb & GTomb, Gradio
– Sparky 4.6 STB released
– new Sparky’s tool: Update Checker & Notifier – it is on the board of the latest 4.6 STB images
– Sparky’s Linux kernel just updated up to version 4.11.8

I already (slowly) have started preparation to the next Sparky rolling edition v5, which will be based on Debian testing “Buster”.


Sparky news 2017/05/29


Not much published in May, but changes happen under the hood:
– the biggest changes are around Sparky packages – I built many source packages of Sparky tools, and they landed to our repos already. Still some packs missing, but keep building when I can
– APTus upgraded up to 0.3.11, which features new option of removing supported desktops
– new line of Linux Kernel 4.11.x started, the latest one 4.11.3 is available via sparky’s unstable repository
– built and uploaded the last RC iso images of Sparky 4.6-RC based on upcoming Debian stable “Stretch”; with Calamares as a default system installer
– Sparky’s Linux kernel script, which I use for building custom kernels has been uploaded to our git repos; feel free to test and build your own custom ones
– new applications landed in Sparky repos: Dooble web browser and Spotify client

The big news is that Debian stable “Stretch” will be out in June 17, so Sparky 4.6 STB should be ready a few days after.

The HostingXtreme no longer provides support for Sparky – they was doing that for about 2 years – thank’s a lot.

There is a new mirror server provided by so it hosts Sparky iso images now – thank’s a lot.


Sparky news 2017/04/29


April, April… and the April almost gone…

What’s up?
– rebuilt Calamares to disable LUKS in autopartitioning option
– Sparky builds based on upcoming Debian stable Stretch are set now, the live system uses Calamares instead of the old ‘live-installer’
– Budgie Desktop removed from Sparky repos – it is available from Debian repos now
– EFL libs updated up to version 1.19.0
– Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.10.13
– new additions to Sparky repos: Trojita – Qt based IMAP email cleint
– Qt 5.7.0 doesn’t support GTK theming, so check how to fix it: qt-5-7-0-doesnt-support-gtk-theming/
– the latest ‘sparky-apt’ package provides configuration of Sparky’s repositories via https protocol now, for both upcoming 4.x ‘stable’ and existing ‘testing’ editions. Access to all Sparky services will be permanently set via https soon, so upgrade the ‘sparky-apt’ via the APT package manager or manually:
– the Sparky Web Directory application has been changed to an other one. The new one is more flexible, features more useful options and is available in English and Polish. If you would like to promote your web site or blog, and support Sparky (two in one), simply add your web site to our Web Dir using a paid option
– the latest ‘sparky-aptus’ 0.3.9 provides a small fix of pt-pt and pt-br locale’s packages installation, thank’s to Daniel Campos Ramos.