Sparky news 2019/05

The 5th monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project:

• Sparky 4.10 based on Debian stable Stretch has been released
• Linux kernel updated up to version 5.1.6 & 5.0.20 & 5.2-rc2
• Lumina Desktop 1.5.0 re-compiled on Buster/Sparky5 and works fine so moved back to Sparky testing repos; Sparky 4 still uses Lumina 1.4; the Lumina been also put back to APTus and Sparky Advanced Installer
• added to repos: Draco Desktop (a fork of Lumina), QtFM file manager


Sparky news 2019/04

The 4th monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project:

• added to repos: alacritty, qt-fsarchiver, strawberry
• Sparky group has been activated at MeWe by lami07, so welcome everybody if you’d like to join us
• Linux kernel updated up to version 5.0.10 & 5.1-rc7
• Sparky 4.10 is on the way, stay tuned
• new Lumina Desktop 1.5.0 popped up so should be build soon on Buster


Sparky news 2019/03

The 3rd monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project:
• Sparky Tube received a few improvements
• Advanced Installed has a new option which lets you choose autologin without password (suggested by Elton)
• Sparky 5.7 released (LXQt, MinimalGUI/Openbox, MinimalCLI)
• Sparky 5.7 Special Editions released (GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue)
• Linux kernel updated up to version 5.0.5 & 4.20.17 (EOL) & 5.1-rc2
• Added to repos: mkusb, qCalculator, qCamera, Sway, tbsm, mako, bemenu
• Updated sddm-theme-sparky: replaced existing theme by a new one, which doesn’t need plasma as a dependency any more; added another sddm theme to a new ‘sddm-theme1-sparky’ package


Sparky news 2019/02

The 2nd monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project:

• CDE Desktop has been rebuild on Buster so it works back on Sparky 5 (no changes on Stretch/Sparky 4)
• added to repos: Sparky Play MP3 and Sparky Player
• ‘brave’ package changed its name to ‘brave-browser’
• Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.20.13 & 5.0-rc8
• new addition at git repos: Sparky online – a script + cron job which lets you check is your web site online or not
• Lumina desktop removed from Advanced Installer and APTus-> Desktop module; due to incompatibility with Qt greater than 5.9, it does not work on Debian Buster/Sparky 5
• Jade desktop removed from APTus, still can be installed via the package manager; it does not start from a login manager, but can be launched from Menu-> Accessories
• Sparky USB Formatter received a new option to use your USB disk label (thank’s to Elton)
• APTus updated to version 0.4.16 which includes:
— Audio & Video modules renamed to AudioPlayer & VideoPlayer; added a few more apps
— Codecs module updated; removed 3 old items, added one new
— Security module merged with Tools module
— Added 2 new modules and apps: AudioTool & VideoTool
• Moved a few old libs from Debian stable to Sparky core repos to let you install Sparky’s Yad version with html support; the Sparky’s Yad debs are placed at Sparky Sourceforge files/dev/ subdirectory


Sparky news 2019/01

The 1st this year monthly report of the Sparky project:

• Sparky 5.6.1 Special Editions released
• iso images of stable and rolling line updated again: 4.9.2 & 5.6.2
• added to repos: Franz, MultibootUSB, Rambox, GitKraken, Sparky Tube (downloads videos and converts to audio or video files, thank’s to Elton), WPS Mui (a part of Sparky Office, which installs WPS locale packs; thank’s to Elton)
• Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.20.6
• the new app APTus AppCenter is still active under development, so be patient
• the Sparky SB Server is also under active development, together with Daniel


Sparky news 2018/12

The 12th and the last in this year monthly report of the Sparky project:
• added to repos: Midori 7.0, Lightdm-Settings
• Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.20.0
• Sparky 5.6 released
• the new app APTus AppCenter is still under development, so it takes time to even make a first beta
• Sparky repos changed so upgrade ‘sparky-apt’ package as first and refresh package list after, and before upgrading whole the system
• small update of iso images of stable 4.9.1 and rolling 5.6.1 lines
• the latest Linux kernel has been rebuild which features many missing options enabled now, so upgrade it to version 4.20.0-2

Happy 2019 year Sparkers !

Sparky news 2018/11

The 11th monthly report of 2018 of the Sparky project:
– Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.19.5 & 4.20-rc4
– the ‘etcher-electron’ package changed its name to ‘balena-etcher-electron’; uninstall the old one and install the new one if you use the tool
– Advanced Installer fstab config has been improved and the old fashion /dev/sdX device numbers is replaced by UUIDs now
– Sparky Backup Core got configuration of all supported desktops and window managers so a new iso image displays your desktop name at the boot screen now
– APTus got a new small tool called quick-list which searches packages in the repository and displays info about them; thank’s to Elton
– the first Sparky Small Business Server development iso is out, but it is not usable yet, it is really development image
– I also started working on a new application, which was laying down in a dark corner very long time, called APTus AppCenter, which should replace sparky-aptus, sparky-aptus-extra, sparky-aptus-gamer, sparky-offiice, sparky-codecs, and a few other packages, and will integrate all the tools into one providing more useful tool for easy installation many popular applications.

The new tool is very simple and lightweight, as all Sparky tools, and uses Yad and HTML technology.

Any help is welcome to develop the new app, small tips are warm welcome too 🙂

APTus AppCenter


Sparky news 2018/10

The 10th monthly report of 2018 of the Sparky project:
– Sparky Twitter account has been set up so it is another way to follow
– Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.19.0
– it looks quiet time, but it is really not: I work hard together with Daniel on a new exciting Sparky SmallBusiness sub-project, stay tuned!
– lami07 finished improving the i3 desktop so new installation or re-installation i3 via APTus provides all his changes
– Sparky 4.9 RC has been released to give you a try
– upcoming Sparky 4.9 stable line is on the way – it should be out 11 Nov 2018
– added to repos: kvantum Qt5 theme


Sparky news 2018/09

The 9th monthly report of 2018 of the Sparky project:
– Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.18.11 & 4.19-rc5
– Sparky 5.5 “Nibiru” released
– Sparky 5.5 “Nibiru” Special Editions released
– Lumina desktop stoped working on Sparky5/Debian testing (still works fine on stable)
– updated Italian and some French of sparky tools locales
– updated all sparky-desktop-* meta packages; and removed –no-install-recommends option from desktop installer of Advanced Installer and APTus, what should improve working a few desktops installed via the tools


Sparky news 2018/06

The 6th monthly report of 2018 of Sparky project:

• Added Linux kernel RC – 4.18-rc to the repos
• Sparky’s Linux kernel updated up to version 4.17.3 & 4.18-rc2
• Jade desktop updated up to 0.6.1
• removed packages from repos: slimjet
• Sparky 5.4 LXQt, Openbox, CLI & Special Editions: GameOver, Multimedia, Rescue has been released
• Sparky Backup Sys – Sparky’s default tool for creating Sparky live iso images has been slightly improved and synchronized both the command line and gui tools (sparky-backup-core & sparky-backup-sys)