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August 2019 donation report

Many thanks to all of you for supporting our open-source projects! Your donations help keeping them alive. Don’t forget to send a small tip in September too, please 🙂 Country Supporter Amount Krzysztof M....


Sparky news 2019/08

The 8th monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project: • Sparky 2019.08 (semi-)rolling based on Debian testing “Bullseye” released • Chours translate Wiki pages to Russian, so I do that to Polish as...


Sparky news 2018/08

The 8th monthly report of the 2018 of Sparky project: • new additions: ONLYOffice, Caprine, Discord • EFL updated up to 1.21.0 & Enlightenment to 0.22.4 (testing repos) • fixed installation of a few...


Sparky news 2017/08/30

  The August almost finished so it’s time to make a thick line and say what happened: – sparky-usb-formatter small issue fixed thank’s to gom1 – sparky-backup-desktop – a part of sparkylinux advanced installer:...