Sparky news 2022/04

The 4th monthly Sparky project and donate report of 2022: – Linux kernel updated up to 5.17.5 & 5.18-rc3 – Added to repos: BadWolf web browser, Crow Translate – Sparky 2022.04 & 2022.04 Special Editions of the rolling line released – added option to support Sparky by sending donations via Bitcoin (BTC) Many thanks to … Read moreSparky news 2022/04

Sparky news 2021/04

The 4th monthly Sparky project and donate report of 2021: – Linux kernel updated up to version 5.12.0 – added to repos: Ventoy, Yad based Ventoy-GUI, Sunflower twin panel’s file manager, Google Messages for Desktop, Rocket.Chat Desktop, ProtonMail Bridge, uGet Integrator, KGet Integrator – some preps to a next point release 5.15 “Nibiru” Many thanks … Read moreSparky news 2021/04

April 2020 donation report

Many thanks to all of you for supporting our open-source projects, specially in this difficult days. Your donations help keeping them alive. Don’t forget to send a small tip in May too, please 🙂 Country Supporter Amount Krzysztof M. PLN 50 Gernot P. $ 10 John C. $ 5 Tom C. $ 15 Carlos F. … Read moreApril 2020 donation report

Sparky news 2020/04

The 4th monthly report of 2020 of the Sparky project: • Linux kernel updated up to version 5.6.8 & 5.7-rc3 • added to our repos: Picom, Sparky-Picom, Delta Chat Desktop, jgmenu, Waterfox current • changed ‘obmenu’ to ‘jgmenu’ at Sparky Openbox edition of the rolling line • Sparky stable 5.11 released • Sparky 2020.04~dev0 with … Read moreSparky news 2020/04