APTus 0.3.11

I received a few messages from our community members (the last one from Daniel Campos Ramos) about APTus, specially about an option of desktops removing.

The point is, if APTus offers an option which lets you easy install most popular desktops, why doesn’t it let easy removing them?

It’s good question, and the possibility has been added to APTus now.

Upgrade your system or just two packages to the latest versions:
– sparky-aptus 0.3.11
– sparky-desktop 20170430
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sparky-aptus sparky-desktop

The Desktop tab has been removed, and the Desktop Installer moved to the Install tab.

Desktop Installer

The new Desktop Remover icon is placed inside the Remove tab.
It can uninstall Sparky’s desktop meta packages and all its dependencies, installed by APT, Synaptic or APTus before.

Important! Make sure you are not running a desktop you would like to remove.

Desktop Remover

Let me know if you find any problem with the new feature, please.


French translations


Last week ‘hiver’ sent me all the French translations files. Thank’s a lot!

So all Sparky tools have been improved and features the French locales now.

The present status of the translations and the translation instruction is placed on the Wiki page:

If you could help with other translations or improve the present ones – simply let me know, please, via the contact form.


APTus 0.3.0


There is an update of Sparky APTus 0.3.0 available in our repository now.

The new version provides:

1. A new tab called “Desktop” which lets you install 18 desktops with as small number of additional tools as possible, and with Sparky “look & feel”. It is the same list of desktops as provided by Sparky Advanced Installer shipped on MinimalISO images. All the desktops are installing with pre-configured settings, users privileges, wallpaper, icon set, etc.

Make sure that:
– it will remove existing desktop settings and replace them with the Sparky’s ones, if installing a desktop you already have installed before.
– it will remove some small settings your installed different desktops than you will install via the APTus, such as: wallpaper, icon set, theme, file manager bookmarks, etc.
– Enlightenment installation removes Network Manager and replaces it with EConnMan.

2. Small changes and fixes found in older version.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus

Remember to update the package list before installing any desktop or application.


There is a screenshot page of all the desktop available to install via Sparky Advanced Installer and/or APTus: 4-3-minimaliso-screenshots

If you find any problem or have suggestions, simply post them at our forums, please.

Sparky translators – please translate new tool, the English file is on our Wiki as normal.


Translators needed


I have started translating Sparky tools so it can be available in your native language if you would like to help with translating.

If you would like to help us translating Sparky tools, do:
– Download (Save as…) the en file of a selected Sparky tool.
– Open it with a text editor an save with a new name, depends on the new language (for example: German translating – the file name will be de)
– Translate all the text to your language, including the .desktop file’s name and comment; add you name/nick-name to the file header; change English localization to yours in the file header. Preferred license is GPL.
– Send me the new file via e-mail to: pavroo(at)onet(dot)eu

There are 3 apps translated to Polish already and The English files are ready to translating now:
– Sparky APTus Extra
– Sparky Live USB Creator
– Sparky USB Disk Formatter

The status of the job and files to be downloaded are ready at the Wiki page:


Sparky APTus Extra 0.1.14


Sparky APTus Extra – our tool which lets you quick install many extra applications, has been upgraded up to version 0.1.14.

– added script which can install Google-Earth application version 6 for older machines and version 7 for modern machines. The script can download the package from 3th party servers and install it on your machine
– added option to install your favorite office suite, using one of the Sparky APTus (v0.2.11 or above) scripts

If you find anything abnormal, report it at our forums, please.


Updates 2014/12/31


It’s the last update in Sparky repo as of 2014 year.

New apps in Sparky repo:
1. Sparky APTus Gamer – a small tool which lets you install all available system’s and machine’s game emulators. Most of them is located in Debian repos, and a few in Sparky repo as well.

Sparky APTus Gamer

2. Desura Installer – lets you install Desura client for Linux via one click.

Desura Installer

3. EPSXE – (enhanced PSX emulator) is a PlayStation video game console emulator.

4. Kega Fusion – (also known simply as Fusion) is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis emulator by Steve Snake and the third and final emulator of the Kega-series.

5. PPSSPP – is an open source PSP emulator available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.


Updates in our repo:
1. VeraCrypt 1.0f (a fork of TrueCrypt)

Minnor changes including dependency fixing and small improvements:
2. sparky3-theme 0.1.2
3. sparky-backup-apps 0.1.5
4. sparky-icon-set 0.1.1
5. sparky-users 0.1.1

Happy New 2015 Year !!!


Sparky Codecs Installer


SparkyLinux Base spins are shipped with no multimedia codecs preinstalled.
As one of our community member suggested I have made a small tool which lets you install all multimedia codecs and web browser plugins via one click.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-codecs

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If you make full system upgrade, the package ‘sparky-codecs’ will be installed automatically as a dependency for ‘sparky-aptus-0.2.3’.

To launch it, go to Sparky APTus-> Install-> Install Multimedia Codecs.

Sparky APTus