Author Topic: Thoughts on Sparky Linux GameOver Edition?  (Read 1991 times)

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Thoughts on Sparky Linux GameOver Edition?
« on: February 25, 2019, 06:14:19 am »
I've downloaded it and tried it on an older computer (just to see if the computer would load it). In the few minutes that I tried it, it seemed like there were hundreds of programs were pre-installed (including Steam), with many programs having alternatives available. For the user that wants to have so much out of the box, it seems like this distro takes pride in what it offers.  free netflix tech news android 9

The one complaint I had was its organization. With so many programs installed, it seemed like the menus were ridiculously long with programs being almost hidden in certain directories. Again, this was just a first glance perspective...

So I have to ask, do any of you use Sparky Linux? What are your impressions?
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