Author Topic: Fatal installation errors around v5.6.1 boot on modern AMD platform environments  (Read 526 times)

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You should know and hold in mind: Me, I've been using and in love with Sparky Rolling since complete changing over from Windows to Linux six years ago. During very most of that time Sparky has been a brave companion to me. However, the last weeks before now have brought severe problems admittedly because of the little hell Debian Testing currently seems to be faced with while doing some bigger changes inside its internal architecture - e.g. as is the merging of /usr directory.
Both my (self-built) workstations hold Ryzen Ist generation CPUs (1600 and 1500X) on B350 boards with Radeon (RX 570 8GD5 and R7 260X 2GD5) graphics adapters as well as 16GB DDR4 each (2400 and 2667 JEDEC) applied. First, I'd two times vainly tried to install with Xfce on an XFS root (as I usually prefer) by advanced installer from MinimalGUI but lastly as well failed with setting up the regular (LXQt) edition on Ext4:
1. Grubx64.efi was installed twice, into a Sparky as well as into a Debian subdirectory of /boot/efi/EFI. Neither got working!
2. When having started from a third party Grub-efi I saw a real crowd of fatal issues around missing AMD firmware drivers on boot.
3. Ending up was  by malfunction and system's dumping of Lightdm - however, this problem actually appears being spanned over a lot of distros these days!
Remaining still - and somehow as more - curious, I yesterday started in beginning from new with a brand-recent Firmware Nightly of Debian Buster itself succeedingly having it brought to a good end when I'd evenly complemented the Firmware Testing image (!!!) with the last separately offered AMD-All driver from Debian's unofficial repos ( followed by replacement of Lightdm with Gdm, all that tweaking done from tty3 off booting into GUI. Finally, I had to install all the media codecs manually. (With the years passin', I'd learned to perfectly performing that : ) All over, 't was really a hard job but at last the brand new Buster's working best!
My question now is: If ME being able to evenly get the current Buster operate why can't the Sparky maintainers? Please, just realize there's a lot to do yet ...

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Looks like the Sparky kernel miss the firmware.
There is 5.6.2 out, with updated kernel so give it a try.
Let me now does it help, please.
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