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Rox rox-filer Install Sparky 4.8.1
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:22:49 pm »
Install rox via Synaptic. If install does not create a standard menu entry then test if rox is working by opening a terminal and entering rox.

If rox loads and all is working then you just need to make a menu entry.

MENU> Preferences> LXDE Menu Editor> (root password)> System Tools> New Item> Name= ROX> Command= rox-filer> Comment= rox-filer> Pick Icon> Chk Visible> OK

Do a sudo apt-get update, and reboot to get everything clean and your Rox should be right there in your menu.

I reluctantly got familiar with rox-filer using Puppy Linux. At that time I was trouble shooting windows computers and found that the basic operations of rox really helped with keeping my file modifications powerful and direct. Another tool I use is "catfish" for file searches. It makes its own menu entry on a regular synaptic install, but rox did not.

REM: When first using rox it will ask you for the file run option to learn what programs you want to run your different files. Pretty good idea in cross platform computers with multiple OS's. I do this in rox...

Rt Clk on file> Set Run Action> Enter a shell command> xdg-open "$@"

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