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Hi, just joined....Im a potential recovering Windows user......Very very new to the Linux like I have never used linux or really even seen it. Im attempting to do a dual boot with Sparkylinux Gameover edition to see how it goes. i am so hella tired of the Windows 10 issues...been fighting with driver conflict for well over a week now with Win 10 and im just so done with it. MS support is a total joke with solving the issues, they want me to roll back to a super early build to try and fix the problems.  My system is used mostly for gaming (Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, BF1...ect) with the occasional Office program and FB, eBay, and running our online hobby store. Any info and insight would be much appreciated

MSI X99S Xpower Titanium
Intel 6850K
MSI GTX 1070
and some other fancy overpriced parts.....:)