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SparkyLinux 5.5 Dev
« on: August 08, 2018, 11:53:44 am »
i try to explane it as good if i can , i speak normaly dutch.
if you install SparkyLinux 5.5 Dev and you run it for the first time after install you have openbox SparkyLinux 5.5 Dev ok (no problemo)
if you install know xfce ,it works two , log out the openbox and you are in xfce (no problem)
but know it comes lol...
if you open aptus and go to desktops and unstall openbox , the damn thing works it do its thing ,but openbox was not unstall at all , and there is a big problem , if you go back to open box its still there , so i open synaptic and take a look , yess open box is still there , mmmm , ok
i unstall open box from synaptic and i have know just xfce ,but what happens i can not login anymore in xfce verystrange behaver...
so i have install xfce again true terminal so i can login again haha very strange...
the other thing that is a bug two is make a distro (that works good ) but NOT PUT THE LOCALFILES OVER TO SKELL) DONT WORK ... it make just a basic xfce not my custum build , so that is a bug two ,
this are 2 things that must take a look at in SparkyLinux 5.5 Dev all the rest works very good.
i love to build linux distro's and test things out to the limit ...