Author Topic: disk drive completely disappeared after installation  (Read 422 times)

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disk drive completely disappeared after installation
« on: June 18, 2018, 09:29:32 pm »
Hello. I had some graphics drivers issues with an Antergos linux installation and after many attempts to fix it I could not. I decided to switch it up and try out Sparky. Made a bootable usb for the current stable version of Sparky and in the installer I picked the drive I had Antergos on for repartitioning. This drive also contains a windows partition on it that I use mainly for file storage; it's a 4tb drive that I'm allocating 1tb for linux. In the partitioning screen I picked the current antergos partition and set it to be the new root. I then picked my /home partition from antergos and set it to be the new /home. When I hit next on the installer it said I had no EFI system partition configured and I needed to make one as FAT32 with esp flag and set as /boot/efi. I saw on my drive I had a bit of unallocated space, 280MB or so and figured that should be plenty so I set that up as it said to. After that I went through the rest of the installer as expected and double checked my settings on the final screen before hitting start. Everything was as expected, my windows partition was staying the same and the changes I'd set above were slated to change as such. I clicked go and the installer did it's thing, finished up and said success. I then rebooted and upon reboot a couple things happened.

First and most obvious was the antergos grub loader screen.. surely this wasn't right and I didn't even attempt to boot the antergos option and just went ahead into windows to see what was up. Windows booted fine except it hung a bit on the logo screen and when I got in I realized my drive was missing from the list in explorer. Reboot and went into bios and the drive is missing from there too! I've gone back into the sparky live usb and the drive does not show up in gparted, nor does it show up if I go into the installer again either.

I'm a newbie with linux so I'm completely lost and kind of worried that my drive is trashed/I lost a bunch of files since this doubles as a file storage drive in windows.

 Thank you!
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Re: disk drive completely disappeared after installation
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 10:12:46 pm »
Run Sparky live again, run terminal emulator and run the commands to check your hard disk partitions:
Code: [Select]
sudo blkid
sudo fdisk -l
sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda
the last one checks the firsf disk (sda) if you have only one (if second - sdb , etc.)
Copy the result and place it at forums.
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