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The following was an earlier announcement I made showcasing what you can do with Sparky Linux.

"I have been working on my own production of a low bandwidth high fidelity Internet Streaming Radio Station. It's primary focus is relaxation and detox of daily stress.

While I have no immediate intention of promoting only one genre or type of music, my initial work will definitely include music sometimes and often classified as Easy Listening, Melodic Jazz, Eclectic Mood and Relaxation Melodies, Historical Archives of Famous Gifted Artists, and music to help Insomniacs get some rest.

Because of the amount of time it takes to produce a respectable playlist lasting two hours or more, I will limit my initial broadcast streams to twice, maybe three times each month. I hope to slowly increase in popularity as people share the specifics with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone that may have an interest in mellow music.

Although many hundreds or thousands of regular and Internet radios stations are broadcasting every day, I wanted to create something unique by including music collections from the listeners by adding some of their favorite tracks to my streaming broadcast. This should prove to be very entertaining, to say the least.

After I find my initial footing, I intend to provide FREE advertising to any charitable endeavor or small business. I also intend to interview a wide variety of people and share their experiences with music and how it influenced their lives.

The premier broadcast of   STYLUS 101 (c)   will launch tonight, Saturday, February 4, 2017, 6:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time, United States.

Use any modern media player in desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, or any streaming device capable of playing music using an Internet URL address. Remember that the better your equipment's ability to play through speakers, headsets, ear buds, etc., the higher the fidelity and more enjoyable the listening experience.

In VLC or any capable media player on devices using Windows, Linux, Android, or OS/X etc., enter the following at 6:29 pm to play from the very beginning. The broadcast will last two hours or more.


In VLC, open a network stream and paste the Internet Address provided in the space provided, then select play. In other media players, they may have an option to open a URL. Place the same in the space provided to play.

I relize that people have busy lives and may not be interested or they may have plans this evening. Those same media players will let you record the audio broadcast, if you wish, for playback at a more convenient time.

In any event, listen to just fifteen minutes of the broadcast. I believe that if you do, you will want to listen even more.

Comments, suggestions, critiques, etc., can be sent to the following email address.


I have no intention of using social media. Announcements, future streaming broadcasts, etc., and any relevant information will be provided through the listed email address and my private group email settings. If you need me to reply or provide additional information, be certain to leave the needed contact info necessary to respond.

I really hope a few people have as much fun listening as I have enjoyed creating."

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Re: The Premier Broadcast of STYLUS 101 (c), Low Bandwidth HiFi Radio Stream
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OK Sparky Fans,

I had some problems with buffering and other annoying issues in the first 45 minutes of the broadcast stream but I was able to isolate the main problem. Apparently, the software I use was attempting to transcode the audio stream twice in real time.

That's what experimentation is about. Discover problems, resolve the issues, then try again and hope all is well. I will not know until next Wednesday evening, February 22, 2017, 8:30 pm until 1am, Thursday, February 23, 2017. Time zone is Eastern Standard Time, same as New York City. The longer amount of time in the next program allows people the convenience to listen in for fifteen minutes or longer, depending upon their approval, taste, and time available.

The important thing is that it is being done on old hardware using Sparky Linux, in house equipment and open source software, and no outside server of streaming services. Everything is done by me alone. My extensive audio library is used with simple recording and editing techniques.

As time passes and I gain experience, it will improve and I predict it will become a great hobby for me that provides quality music for relaxation and stress relief to anyone who wishes to listen.

I'll keep all informed as progress is made.


Paul ( sasdthoh )