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Hello from Japan
« on: December 22, 2015, 04:18:53 pm »
I was interested to know the SparkyLinux from previous.
but Japan users attention was small, I could not quite action...

I know the 4.2 release of, visited here again.
By there from LXQt and KDE (Plasma 5),
Japan users feels the possibility that get to use the SparkyLinux.
As one, there are things that Sparky apps corresponding to the locale.
So I began a generation of Japanese language file.
It will make the offer in the near future.

However, there is a problem that can not distribute the ISO that contains
the libdvdcss from Japan of the server by Japanese law.
In order to have them use the SparkyLinux in Japan, we must solve this problem.
I was post here and also serves as to recognize developers with a definition that problem.
The problem is also in the other. input method, font, ...
I will continue to help solve the problem from where it can be.

I also will come to this forum.