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Hi folks
« on: December 04, 2015, 08:11:40 am »
Hi from a more or less novice to linux - I tried Ubuntu years ago but the friend who convinced me to install it also convinced me it was a nightmare to use (not saying it is a nightmare, just that my friend made it look like a nightmare). I didn't try Linux again until I started getting irate about those Windows 10 pop-ups and thought now is the time to do something about ridding myself of windows. I asked another friend which version to use and he started listing them. The first one he mentioned was Sparky, so I downloaded and installed it and the first thing I noticed was how much faster my laptop was. There's loads of features so I'm still just exploring, but overall I think it's great. The biggest stumbling block so far is discovering I've lost my printer, so I'll be off next to find out how to get it recognised. I'm really pleased to be learning Linux, and it's already made me more interested in the wider open source world, so hopefully speak to you all down the road somewhere. All the best.