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First Sparky install- LXQt
« on: August 17, 2015, 06:15:29 pm »
Hi all
I started off with Linux installing Mandrake 7.1 in 2000. I have progressed through Debian then Mint and since Jan 2014 I have used Arch Linux on my primary computer. I have just installed Sparky LXQt on my 2008 acer aspire one. I did so because I wanted a rolling release that my 1G RAM netbook could cope with. So far it is very smooth.
The only very minor delay in installation was in the select partition to install root on page where the scheme did not show a mount point, probably because of installing from a liveCD. I had to left click to select the partition and then right click to get an option which was not that clearly labelled but I realised meant assign a mount point, but a newbie might not know / means root. Easy/peasy.
Second glitch is that when I click on PCManFM in the menu nothing happens, I will google it and check the forum.
Overall I am very impressed, Chromium is installed and synced and Ice Dove has my IMAP email account up and running. I look forward to fine tuning it and using it.