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Very impressed
« on: June 19, 2015, 08:01:50 pm »
I have been a Debian Sid fan since ... well, forever.  Aptosid, building Debian from scratch, etc. and there are very few distro's of late that have even interested me.  Sparky is very impressive.  A great many little niceties that seem well thought out.  I really appreciate the Sparky System Admin stuff even if I am strictly a command line person, the overall feel of the box is still light but includes everything you could want or the ability to get to it very quickly.  Nice job.

The install went pretty smoothly, I had some issues with UEFI that I think were due to the bios I have and it's quirks.  I did notice that I never got a "remove disk" message before the reboot after install which might be problematic for those not paying attention.  The box booted up, found my network connection and seemed ready to run.  For s&g I ran the upgrade process with the GUI and it failed.  There was nothing to tell me why, it just flashed a terminal, popped back and said "something is wrong".  Easy to find from the command line (it was a pub key issue) but you might want to pipe the error messages directly for less experienced users.  Other than that I was pleased to see LXandr and things like that, plus the quick ability to add tor and dropbox if you are feeling lazy.  Overall the look, feel, innovative things you have done are all thumbs up.  Just getting started and haven't looked at the forums much but again like what I see.   Looking forward to learning more.