Author Topic: Hey everyone! I'm a DotoGuy!  (Read 1671 times)

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Hey everyone! I'm a DotoGuy!
« on: January 08, 2015, 11:40:35 pm »
Hello everyone,

I've been around GNU/Linux for a while (first contact made something like 10 years ago) without ever diving really into it, yet I've used for years for daily tasks and mostly Blender, GIMP and numerous other GPL progs (I do remember the day of "Mozilla Web Browser" with the red dino logo :D ).

But I've kept playing around many distros themselves thanks to UNetBootIn and harddisk installs. I've bit by bit started to be willing to do a big step into it. So, since this year I've started python prog (not really doing a lot since I've lacked of goals :S) and yesteday I've dived into the masochist way of a SparkyLinux CLI install. Wasn't too bad but not too great, since I've used the sparkylinux-installer before being stuck to the setting of Xserver... I'm done and AwesomeWM work. Even if I don't really get how I did it...

Otherwise, I'm a french student (well soon-to-be-again-a-student), Blender+Bash+Lua enthusiatic and huge video game player. Up to the point that after learning english through them, and as a Dota2 player, I'm starting to learn russian. The reason I've wanted to run a SparkyLinux is simple: learning the ropes without being a total-nut-gentoo-guy! Kinding, I'll set one someday. And unlike fedora, I didn't broke it yet.

I'll try to contribute whenever I can, and at the very least I hope you guys know that you are doing an amazing job that I do enjoy.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Hey everyone! I'm a DotoGuy!
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 01:18:38 pm »
Welcome aboard. :)

...without being a total-nut-gentoo-guy...

I beg your pardon... Just kidding. ;) Gentoo did help me a lot in understanding different things about the Linux ecosystem, up to the point of helping Pavroo with maintaining Sparky and solving non-trivial issues. Still, you don't have to go through Gentoo, to learn stuff. Every distro has it's way of customizing the system (Debian/Sparky included) and that alone is a good learning experience. :)
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