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I'm in Reno, Nevada, USA.  Linux user since about 1998 (started with Mandrake, went to SuSE, and then to Ubuntu/Mint).  I've been looking for an LXDE desktop that's got up-to-date applications and works well with some older hardware I have, and this looks like it.

I used to work for an underfunded state university and was astounded at the fees they paid Microsoft every year for what they could have had for free.  I converted my little bailiwick to Linux, but even that has been mostly undone since I've now retired.  At least I control my own machines....

I'm running Sparky on a cheap Compaq we bought when Office Depot closed them out: a bottom of the line Athlon X2 and 4 GB of memory (upgraded from the original 3 GB) and an added old nVidia 6800GT video card.  It works really well and feels nearly as fast as my much more capable Phenom 6X, 16 GB main desktop, multibooting several Linuxes but mostly using Ubuntu/Unity.

Good job developers!  I'm making a small donation (wish it could be more, but no more paycheck...).

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