Sparky 2020.12 Special Editions

Special editions of Sparky 2020.12 GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue released.
It is based on the Debian testing “Bullseye”.

• packages updated from Debian testing repos as of December 17, 2020
• Linux kernel 5.9.11 (5.10.1 in Sparky unstable repos)
• Calamares 3.2.34 + kpmcore 4.2.0
• APTus replaced by APTus AppCenter RC1
• added ‘sparky-www’ – it is a small package, which provides a custom Sparky’s start page, powered by DuckDuckGo, to your favorite web browser; the start page is located at /opt/sparky/index.html and has to be loaded manually to a web browser, after installing the package
• Firefox 84.0
• Thunderbird 78.5.1
• LibreOffice 7.0.3
• VLC 3.0.11
• Exaile 4.1.0 beta1
• Python 3.9 is the default one, and libpython3.8 is still installed
• python2.x & libpython2.x removed

GameOver edition:
• removed packages: snowballz, xblast-tnt

Multimedia edition:
• removed packages: jack, jack-mixer, volti, k3d, lilypond

Rescue edition:
• added packages: iotop, rescuezilla
• removed packages: disk-manager, system-config-lvm

According to all the applications which can be installed via the the Sparky APTus AppCenter, the System Kernel section lets you install/reinstall Linux kernels of Debian, Liquorix, XanMod and Sparky. If you looking for a RealTime Linux kernel, simply install XanMod RT Stable or RT Edge (latest) kernel.

System reinstallation is not required, make full system upgrade via Sparky Upgrade gui or a text based tool:

or via apt:
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

New iso images of the special editions can be downloaded from the download/rolling page.

Old repos removed

A few months ago, in March 2020, new named repositories for Sparky have been created :

• oldstable-> tyche
• stable-> nibiru
• testing-> potolo

It will help to make painless dist upgrade from present Sparky testing to next Sparky stable, and from present Sparky stable to oldstable as well.

As I mentioned before, the old repos: ‘oldstable’, ‘stable’ and ‘testing’ have been removed now, they are not needed any more.

There is no need to update Sparky repos manually if you keep Sparky up to date; the present repositories have been provided as a regular update a few months ago.

If you haven’t done it yet, you can set repository manually, check the Wiki page:

The ‘core’ and ‘unstable’ repos with changes.

Let me know if you find any problem, please.

Deepin desktop changes

The latest update has broken deepin desktop, so I updated all deepin related packages after.
No luck anyway.

The desktop is no longer compatible with Stretch, can be installed on Debian testing or Sid.

All changes, tests and fight takes too much time so I decided to remove an installation option of deepin desktop from MinimalGUI/CLI iso images.
I also removed (temporary ?) the desktop installation and remove options from APTus.

Anyway, all packages are updated now and still can be installed via APT or Synaptic, if you would like to give it a try.

Hope I will find more time in the future to play with that again.


Payment for 2017 done!


I am happy to say that all the required money we already found (received), thank’s to all of your donations!

The VPS for next 2017 has been paid now, and the equipment (new internal hard drive and power supply) is ordered and coming now.

Don’t forget you can support Sparky any time you’d like, to keep the project alive!

All in one, ones again, many thanks to all supporters!

Paweł “pavroo”


Payment day coming… again (2016)


Donate As a year ago, and ago, Sparky needs YOUR help now!

As all of you probably know, SparkyLinux is a non-profit project so doesn’t earn money.
And probably some of you know that we have to pay bills for hosting server (vps), domains, the power (electricity), broadband (internet connection), etc. from our personal, home budget.

The time to pay for our server again coming quickly!

This year we need to buy more equipment too:
1. An internal 2 TB hard drive to my workstation – the present one is almost full. It doesn’t store Sparky iso images and Sparky apps only. There is a lot of space used by many 3rd party applications I compile and build to provide extra packages to YOU.
2. The internal hard drive force me to buy an additional power supply – the old one has not enough power to serve it to the all workstation’s devices.

All in one, this year we need 1200 PLN for the VPS and 500 PLN for the equipment (all together 1700 PLN = 400 Euros about) until 9th of Nov 2016.

We also asked for donations our Polish users already at Our virtual server hosts a few web pages, all Linux related:, and

So please donate to keep Sparky alive.
Any donation will be very helpful.
Visit the donation page to find how to send out money.
Aneta & Paweł


Updates 2016/04/03


There are a few 3th party updates in our repository ready to go:
– Grub Customizer 5.0.5
– Steam & Steam Launcher
– Tint2 0.12.9
– TOR Messenger 0.1.0b6 (beta)
– Xfdashboard 0.5.92
– XnViewMP 0.79

Upgrade your system as usually:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

or via ‘Update Tool’ or ‘Synaptic’ if you wish.


System Upgrade issue


One of our users reported an issue (and I found it too on one on my sparky installations) with the System Upgrade tool (sparky-aptus-upgrade package).

The tool had a problem with greping a very long list of available packages to be upgraded.
It can happen if you made fresh Sparky installation using our iso images released 2-3 months ago or even older.

I found and fixed it about 2 weeks ago, so if you keep your Sparky installation up-to-date, you can ignore this post.

If you have just installed Sparky on a hard drive and if you use the Sparky default upgrade tool for system upgrading, upgrade the ‘sparky-aptus-upgrade’ tool before running it, as follow:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus-upgrade

Then run the ‘System Upgrade” tool normally.

If you find anything else what doesn’t work properly, simply let me know, please.


Thank you for your support


Donate I just would like to say Big Thank All of You, for supporting SparkyLinux.

We have collected all the money for the server as we needed.

It was possible to make, all together with You and the users.
So the next year is save, we can work as hard as usually.

This time the main job is about translating all (most) Sparky tool I started a week or so before. What I can do, I translate them to Polish only, and I make the English files which could be translate to Yours languages if You will help with that!

Anyway, thank’s again and don’t forget that You can donate Sparky any time You’d like, all the year 🙂

Aneta & Paweł


Payment day coming again


Donate The time goes very, very fast and the last year gone just with the wind. SparkyLinux is still online, and will be as long as possible.

I am pretty sure you know that SparkyLinux is a non-profit project so don’t earn money.
But bills have to be paid for hosting server (vps), domains, the power (electricity), broadband (internet connection), etc. from our personal, home budget.

It’s time to pay for our server again – we need to pay 1200 PLN (320 US Dollars about) until 9th of Nov 2015.

We also asked for donations our Polish users already at Our virtual server hosts a few web pages, all around Linux or so:, and

So please donate to keep Sparky alive.
Any donation will be very helpful.
Visit the donation page to find out how to send money.
Aneta & Paweł


Next year with You


Donate I’d like to let you know that we collected all the money to pay for our server.

Statistically, this year most donors came from Poland and only 3 guys from others countries. It quiet sad, because most Sparky downloads is from other countries than Poland.

So many guys use Sparky and I am wondering is really difficult to send us just 5 Dollars/Euros/etc. It is not much for anybody and a big number of senders with a small amount can make bigger amount of all the money we need.

Anyway I’d like to thank all of you very much for supporting Sparky project.
Don’t forget that you can donate all the year, we pay bills every month.

Visit the donation page to find out how to send money.
Aneta & Paweł