Why Sparky?
SparkyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution created on the top of Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Sparky is fast, lightweight and fully customizable OS which offers a few versions for different users and different tasks, such as:

• fully featured OS with a lightweight desktop environment, which works out of the box and contain a selection of pré installed common use software for home users;
• MinimalGUI with Openbox window manager preinstalled only with basic software installed for users whose want to configure their OS/desktop as they want, on the top of Debian + any desktop environment or window manager they like;
• 3 Special Editions for different tasks:
* GameOver for gamers (Xfce);
* Multimedia for audio, video and html pages creating (Xfce);
* Rescue for fixing broken OS or so (Openbox);
• MinimalCLI with no X server – for last, but not less important in any way, for advanced users whose want to build and configure their desktops in own way;

Sparky supports about 20 desktop environments and window managers giving you freedom of choice, having in mind that your computer is made for working, having fun, entertainment, keeping in touch with friends, and many, many other things.

Sparky “stable flavor” is the best choice to change your existing, other operating system and try a GNU/Linux distribution without need of installation and changing your computer partition table.

Sparky “rolling (testing) flavor” is targeted to more advanced users, whose don’t afraid of a little less stable version of applications, and want to work with/on latest version of offered the software.

If you like Sparky, simply install it side to side or over your present OS.

Main features of Sparky
– Debian based
– stable or (semi-)rolling release
– lightweight, fast & simple
– your favorite desktops to choose
– special editions: GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue
– CLI Edition (no X) for building customized desktop
– most wireless and mobile network cards supported
– set of selected applications, multimedia codecs and plugins
– own repository with a large set of additional applications
– easy hard drive / USB installation

In general, Sparky is not targeted to Linux beginners, rather to users with some amount of Linux knowledge.
Anyway, the Linux beginners are welcome too – our forums is open for any question.

Is Sparky free?
Yes, Sparky was, is and always will be free of charge for end users.
Simply grab Sparky iso image, burn it to a blank CD/DVD disk or copy to a flash USB disk and use it to launch your computer.

Does Sparky need your support?
Yes, we don’t sell Sparky, so we don’t earn money.
Your support, tip, donation can keep Sparky alive.



25 thoughts on “About”

  1. When I was about to download, I was faced with some very confusing Sparky choices that were NEVER explained. It said I could download:
    1. LXQt or
    2. Xfce or
    3. Mate
    What the hell does any of that mumbo jumbo even mean? What’s the difference? Which one is the media one and which one is the gaming one? I decided to say screw it and stick with windows until I know what that Sparky terminology means.

    • Those are 3 different Desktop environments. If you want more info, do what I did, google them. Personally I like Cinnamon. Its very comfortable like Windows 7, but is a bit different, in a nice way. Also, the gaming addition is just lower on the page, but you could start with any, then just install what you like through APTus. It’s an awesome tool. any more questions, leave MS & go to the forum.

    • These things LXQt, Xfce, Mate are different versions of DE= desktop environments.
      Choice and customization are one of the great things about open source operating systems, such as Gnu/Linux.

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