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 +===== Sparky Codecs =====
 +Sparky Codecs tool can install all available multimedia codecs and web browser plugins. As Sparky is shipped with multimedia codecs and plugins preinstalled (Full Editions), it is useful for Sparky Base Editions users to help them installing the multimedia support via one click.
 +   sudo apt-get install sparky-codecs
 +Then launch the Sparky Codecs Installer from:
 +   * Menu-> Multimedia or
 +   ​*[[aptus|Sparky APTus]]->​ Install tab
 +{{:​sparky-codecs.png?​400|Sparky Codecs Installer}}
 +<WRAP center box 50%>
 +[[sparky_backup_sys|<​--- Sparky backup sys]]|[[sparky_compton|Sparky Compton --->]]
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