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ARM Edition

Sparky ARM Edition is a Sparky version created for a single board mini computer RaspberryPi.

It uses the RaspberryPi scripts and packages, and is based on Debian's stable branch.

Sparky ARMHF is available as an “img” image in two flavours:

  • “Openbox” - features the Openbox window manager and a few pre-installed applications
  • “CLI” - a text based OS only, so you can configure the system in your way

Both have pre-configured Sparky's repositories, so you can install some Sparky's tools.

Make sure that some packages which are available via Sparky tools can not be installed on ARM system, such as a few window managers, a few web browsers, etc.

Both versions base configuration is:

  • user: 'pi', password: 'sparky'
  • root password: 'toor'
  • sudo is enabled as default
  • en_US locale and keyboard layout as default

See also:

Sparky ARM in QEMU

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